The Clay County Development Authority offers Industrial Revenue Bonds (IRBs) of $2 million and more for businesses to develop capital projects. The benefits of using IRBs from the CCDA for qualifying businesses are:
  • 100% financing may be possible with an IRB
  • Interest may also be tax-exempt, resulting in a lower interest rate than traditional financing
  • IRBs are usually exempt from Florida taxes as well
  • Local government approval is necessary, but there is no government involvement

The CCDA works with industrial companies, manufacturing companies, non-profit organizations and hospitals to facilitate this financing, which can be used to purchase and renovate existing facilities, purchase real estate, refinance existing project debt, purchase new manufacturing equipment and construct new facilities.

For more information about IDA bonds, check out our FAQs.

Learn more about financing opportunities for:

For additional information, please click on this link: Guidelines
To fill out the application click here:  IRDB Application
The information in these Guidelines and Procedures is intended to assist businesses in determining whether their project may be appropriate for Clay County Industrial Development Revenue Bond financing.   These Guidelines and Procedures are not intended to be a statement of the current law on the subject.   Applicants should retain financial consultants and bond attorneys to ensure that they have knowledge of the most current laws, rules, and regulations related to their particular project at the time at which they engage in financing.