The Clay County Development Authority (“CCDA”) was established by a special act of the Florida Legislature in 1957 for the principal purpose of promoting sound economic development of Clay County. They are a strategic partner with the Clay Economic Development Corporation, Clay County Chamber of Commerce, numerous businesses and other local, regional and state agencies to improve the quality of life for residents. The members of CCDA are appointed by the Governor and serve four-year terms.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to support, promote, and facilitate economic development in Clay County, Florida.



Mission Statement

Clay County Development Authority supports, promotes, and attracts economic development while serving as the lead public development finance agency in Clay County, Florida, partnering with new and existing businesses, non-profit organizations, faith-based communities, and government entities.



Statement of Core Values

Since our establishment in 1957, our core values have been the guiding principles that have dictated and influenced our success. They are the reason why our board members have humbly volunteered their time and talents to better serve the community.



With the gubernatorial appointment authority to lead courageously, the creativity to inspire, and the ability to foster positive economic change in Clay County, we will take charge in areas where others cannot.



We are passionately committed to improving the economic growth prosperity of the citizens and businesses in Clay County.



We are caring residents and neighbors, involved in community activities in meaningful ways, and committed to the prosperity of Clay County.


Cooperation & Collaboration

We believe that by working together in both the public and privates sectors, obstacles are limited and success is limitless.



We are committed to the highest sense of integrity and transparency encompassing every aspect of our behavior as citizens of Clay County. We strive for high moral character, honor, respect and honesty in all our actions realizing that the strength of our board is based on the integrity of its members and placing the best interests of Clay County before our own.


CCDA in Past Years

In the early years, CCDA received approximately $20,000 per year from monies generated from timber and mineral leases from Camp Blanding, known as Armory Board Funds. However, that was terminated in 1972 and thanks to the foresight and expertise of the early members of the Authority, frugal financial investments are the Authority’s major source of funding. The Authority has a long history of supporting economic development throughout Clay County and has assisted many employers to establish operations throughout Orange Park, Green Cove Springs, Fleming Island, unincorporated Middleburg, Oakleaf Plantation areas and Keystone Heights.

From 2003-2013, CCDA worked with Clay County Chamber of Commerce in forming a public-private partnership to increase Clay County’s economic prosperity, quality of life and future sustainability. This partnership maximized and leveraged resources and formed a collaborative approach to implementing Focus on the Future, the countywide strategic plan for economic development. Moreover, the organizations worked closely with key community stakeholders, other regional and statewide organizations as well as with governmental leaders to advance programs and capabilities to diversify and strengthen the local economy.


During this period, CCDA worked in unison with the Economic Development Advisory Board of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce, who monitored current trends in the business atmosphere of the county and served in providing the long-term vision.


CCDA Today

In 2014, the Economic Development Advisory Board of the Clay County Chamber of Commerce, Clay County Chamber of Commerce, and CCDA were reorganized to maximize efficiencies and better approach economic development efforts to benefit Clay County. Through this reorganization effort, Clay Economic Development Corporation (“CEDC”) emerged and since has served in addition to Clay County Chamber of Commerce as a strong partner to CCDA. Today, CCDA serves the community by supporting and promoting the economic development efforts of its partners by providing unique financing tools such as issuing industrial revenue bonds and financing projects that generate positive economic impacts in Clay County.


Organization Documents